2000s Kid Moments Everyone Experienced


Second-guessing yourself before going down the plastic slide at the playground out of fear of getting static shock:

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Getting excited whenever you got a classmate’s birthday party invite — especially if it was a character invitation card they used:


And losing your shit if the birthday party was at a Chuck E. Cheese:

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Fighting back car sickness just to keep watching a movie on your portable DVD player while on a long car trip:

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Drinking from these exact glasses with geese on them anytime you went to your grandma’s house:


Heading straight to the video game display section whenever you went with your parents to the store:


Pushing the Happy Meal toy through the plastic until it tore — whenever your fingers were too greasy to tear it apart:


Spending 15 minutes peeling the corner of a shrink-wrapped CD to open it (just to avoid getting up and grabbing a pair of scissors to slice it open):


Having that moment of absolute dread whenever you accidentally scratched a brand-new mix CD:


Getting excited whenever it was Scholastic Book Fair day at school, ’cause it felt like Christmas came early:


Sitting super close to the TV while watching it (even though your parents told you not to):


Sitting super close to the TV while playing video games (even though your parents told you not to):


Watching the TV Guide Channel ’cause you couldn’t figure out what else to watch:


Enjoying one of these on a hot summer day (and giving yourself a brain freeze in the process):


Wanting a Gateway computer just because of the cow-print box it came in:


Wanting a robot dog ’cause it seemed like the coolest thing ever:


Having a full-blown argument with your sibling(s) over who got to play with the Game Boy (if you had to share one):


Getting one of these as a souvenir whenever you went on a trip and never really looking at it again after your vacation:


Struggling to decide what icon to use as your Windows XP profile avatar:


Playing with the DVD clamshell of the movie you were watching (and also low-key taking a sniff of its plasticky yet addictive scent):

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