Aniara Trailer Knocks a Mission to Mars Wildly Off Course

Hardboiled sci-fi is hard to come by nowadays, as some audiences are turned off by hyper-intelligent fare at the movies. But others crave it like the consumed passengers of a doomed space mission in Aniara. Today, we have a first look at the thrilling sci-fi adventure, with a trailer and poster direct from Magnolia.

Magnolia Pictures will release Aniara in theaters on May 17, 2019. The story follows a ship carrying settlers to Mars, which gets knocked wildly off course. This causes the consumption-obsessed passengers to consider their place in the universe, in Pella Kagerman and Hugo Lilja’s eerie and caustic sci-fi adaptation of a work by Swedish Nobel Prize-winning writer Harry Martinson.

Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja collaborated on this unique sci-fi thriller, writing the script together, and directing the film on set with a cast that includes Emilie Jonsson, Arvin Kananian, Bianca Cruzeiro, Anneli Martini, Jennie Silfverhjelm, Peter Carlberg, and Emma Broomé.

Pella Kågerman is a Swedish director who started off in shorts, with a career that spans back to 2009. Aniara serves as a directorial debut for the filmmaker, working alongside Hugo Lilja after collaborating on a number of short movies throughout the years.

Emelie Jonsson headlines Aniara, working mostly in TV. She is perhaps best known for her role on the popular TV miniseries Gentlemen & Gangsters. This will be her first major role in a motion picture coming to the states. She is joined by Swedish actor Arvin Kananian, who has a steady body of work stemming back to 2011.

Aniara premiered at TIFF (Toronto international Film Festival) in Canada in September 2018, where it was welcomed with anxious arms and reviewed well amongst those who saw it. The story is actually based on a poem by Harry Martinson, who passed away in 1978. This is the first major work he’s had adapted for the screen, though he has passed in a couple of screenplays based on previous novels.

The Aniara trailer and poster come direct from Magnolia Pictures, who will be providing some sweet indie relief from the start of a summer moviegoing season that will see Avengers: Endgame still going strong in theaters. It will be competing directly with heavy hitter John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in its first weekend, along with the family sequel A Dog’s Journey. Aniara is bringing something decidedly different to the summer movie table. And for a certain audience, it will be a breath of fresh air. You can take a look at the trippy eye-catching poster below, but don’t get caught in its wave lengths. It may just crumple your mind and leave you useless for the rest of the day.

<strong><em>Aniara</em></strong> Poster

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