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It’s the year 2000, and I’m at the movie theater with my mom after begging her to let me see this ~PG-13~ movie everyone’s talking about called Bring It On — unaware of the fact that not only is this the first of hundreds of times I’ll watch it, but also that my tooth brushing habits will never be the same again.

That’s right, there are PLENTY of pivotal scenes in Bring It On, but today I’m talking about the tooth brushing scene. One of the most important rom-com scenes of the ’00s, and certainly THE most important dental hygiene scene ever.

It all starts when Torrance searches for the bathroom to brush her teeth before bed while staying over at Missy and Cliff’s place. Seems wholesome enough, right? ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

Torrance is, rightfully, distracted by Cliff doing…whatever this is:

And she is so overwhelmed, dental hygiene be damned!

Has anyone ever been ~sexier~?

Then Torrance gets caught:

And Missy is not having any of it:

So Torrance makes it to the bathroom, finally brushing her teeth as she planned:

And, despite the fact that there is but ONE sink, Cliff decides to brush his teeth at the same time as Torrance as some kind of mating ritual:

And Torrance is like:

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And yet, she proceeds to do the cutest tooth brushing in the history of the world without getting toothpaste or spit all over her face like the rest of us normies would.

The tooth brushing continues, and it’s such a long brush that it did more for my brushing habits than any dentist ever did!

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No joke, I’ve thought about this scene basically every time I’ve brushed my teeth since I first saw this movie…so A LOT.


Okay, how can he get any hotter right now though?

And Torrance absolutely cannot resist that spit:

And then Torrance realizes that she will, in fact, have to spit in front of her ~crush~…

…which she does in the daintiest, flirtiest way:

And it just goes on like this forever, and somehow it’s some of the best teen movie flirting in the history of teen movies!

And he’s says, with only his eyes, because there’s no dialogue necessary in this perfect scene:

And then Torrance just really goes for it!

Truly, this is the hottest anyone has ever looked with a toothbrush hanging out of their mouth, and it’s ~the~ moment us ’00s kids dreamed of replicating with our crushes one day.

In conclusion: Tooth brushing is really really really sexy, kids! Here’s the whole NSFW (jk jk) scene in its glory, in case you’re feeling nostalgic:

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