China Sentences Hong Kong Bookseller to 10 Years in Prison

HONG KONG — A court in China has sentenced to 10 years in prison a Hong Kong-based book publisher with Swedish citizenship whose secretive detention in China ignited international controversy. The sentence was quickly denounced by his supporters as the latest example of the Chinese government’s resolve to smother criticism from abroad.

The bookseller, Gui Minhai, is a Chinese-born Swedish citizen who was taken under mysterious circumstances from his home in Thailand in 2015. He has been one of the prominent targets in a campaign by China’s Communist Party to silence dissent even beyond the mainland.

Mr. Gui, 55, was put on trial in January on charges of providing intelligence overseas, the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court said in a brief notice announcing the verdict. It said he had resumed his Chinese citizenship in 2018, meaning he would give up his Swedish citizenship, and that he did not wish to appeal. The details could not be independently verified.

The sentence was the latest turn in a murky and long-running effort to clamp down on a market for sometimes salacious books on the Chinese leadership that are published in Hong Kong. Such works could not be published in mainland China, but found a booming market among mainland visitors to Hong Kong, a semiautonomous part of China with strong press freedoms.

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