Endgame Fans Are Too Excited to Spell Correctly

Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) suit up.
Image: Marvel Studios

We’re all thrilled about the Avengers this weekend. But, no matter our joy, we have to remember the fundamentals. Be nice to other people. Don’t spoil movies for people who don’t want them spoiled. Remember to spell the name of the movie correctly.

Avengers: Endgame’s social media fans are not doing amazingly well with that last rule. I noticed this while browsing Twitter this morning: Avengers: Endgame was trending. But the hashtag was not quite right.

Image: Screenshot via Twitter

Do you see it? Avergers: Endgame, presumably heroes fielded by Vox-affiliated tech site The Verge, saving the Marvel Universe one misspelled tweet at a time.

Now, really, this is just a monument to how overwhelmingly popular this movie is right now, that even misspelled hashtags are trending. And mind you, this isn’t just an interface error on Twitter’s part. I’m not going to highlight anyone’s specific typos on here, but there are a lot of very earnest tweets with this hashtag, now immortalized as the most enthusiastic and least proofread of the Marvel fandom.

I’m a writer. I get typos. Someone’s probably going to find one in this very article. So don’t think I’m making fun of these people and their innocent mistake. But I do wonder: how do you make this particular error? On either a keyboard or a phone, the r and the n are several letters away from each other. How did the fingers of thousands of people make this mistake?

So, I have to ask all of you. Are you one of the thousands afflicted with #AvergersEndgame? If so, how did this happen to you? I am but a humble blogger, trying to understand these mysteries. Please, help me.

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