How Euron Greyjoy Was Impaled by Jaime’s Sword but Still Wound Up Smiling

I would have loved to have done that story, to do something closer to the book version, even as a mini-series. I’m so thankful for every single second I got with Euron. Just to do one minute on “Game of Thrones,” actors would die for it. I am so thankful I got to do three seasons — not many scenes, but the scenes that I’ve done, I’ve been the driving force. When I became a part of “Game of Thrones,” I didn’t know which way the character would go. I just knew to do the best work I could possibly do and to enjoy it.

But of course, to build a character, you need more time and space. So I denied dying. David and Dan were super cool with it because they thought it was fun. They were like: “Dude, you get stabbed by a sword through the chest. You’re going to die.” And I was like, “Eh, wait and see.”

Then I had a long discussion with [the episode’s director, Miguel Sapochnik] a couple of days prior to shooting the scene, and he was like: “You know what I feel when I read the script? I feel like he’s the only one who is kind of happy, because he feels like his life has been fulfilled.” So I was like: “You know what, Miguel? I like that. I’m going to go out with a smile.”

Euron seems especially pleased with the idea that he might have killed the Kingslayer. Has he been obsessed with Jaime Lannister all along? Why does he care?

It’s a fascination. Jaime is one of the male leads, and I’m a supporting role, so my story line is reflected in the main characters’ story line. You need to find ways to connect the characters and fill out those gaps. And I think David and Dan thought it would be fun if Jaime Lannister and Euron Greyjoy had a fight. And maybe they just thought: “You know what? Maybe it’s fun that [the actor playing Euron] is Danish, and 15 years younger, and they know each other. Maybe [Coster-Waldau] will be irritated!” You never know with David and Dan because they’re pranksters. They’re tricksters.

They called it “Dane Bowl” on the behind-the-scenes feature.

Dane Bowl! That’s what it said in the script, too. “Two men enter, one man leaves.” Except one of them doesn’t want to accept that he’s dying! [Laughs] Those scenes were tricky because of the tide, so we couldn’t shoot it chronologically, which is always irritating when you’re doing fight scenes where you’ve rehearsed the choreography for weeks.

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