How Zac Efron Charms as a Serial Killer in ‘Extremely Wicked’

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Adopting a dog can be exciting! Unless you’re adopting it with Ted Bundy.

This scene from the Netflix biopic about the serial killer features Zac Efron as Ted, Lily Collins as his girlfriend, Liz, and Kaya Scodelario as Carol Ann, a woman from Ted’s past with motives not yet revealed.

The three characters (and an agitated dog) have an encounter at the pound in a scene that at first feels like a routine exchange, then ratchets up the tension to build a sequence with more sinister undercurrents. In his commentary, the director Joe Berlinger discusses blocking the scene to create the most discomfort, and how he used an anecdote from a book on Bundy to enhance the scene’s quiet menace.

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