IFTTT unveils paid Pro plan, puts limits on free users

The days of creating as many free IFTTT applets as you want are over, with IFTTT announcing that—like so many other formerly free services—it’s going the subscription route.

The IFTTT Pro plan, which will allow subscribers to create an unlimited number of applets with new and more advanced features, will ultimately cost $10 a month, although if you sign up before October 7, you’ll be able to pay what you want for a year.

Meanwhile, IFTTT’s “free forever” plans will now cap the number of applets you can create to just three, and if you’ve already created more than three applets, you’ll need to pick which three you want to keep if you’re planning on sticking with a free account.

News of the new IFTTT Pro plan is disappointing, but the writing has long been on the wall, with the nine-year-old IFTTT (“If This, Then That”) recently turning its attention to a new—and revenue-generating—enterprise platform to fund its operation.

IFTTT built a loyal following over the years, with its users building and sharing millions of free applets that connect a wide variety of online services and gadgets, ranging from Google Calendar and Twitter to Roombas and Philips Hue smart bulbs.

Free users will still be able to use as many IFTTT community applets as they like, but the new three-applet creation cap poses a dilemma for those who’ve built a number of IFTTT applets of their own.

An IFTTT rep on the company’s subreddit noted that applet creators who’ve built more than three applets will need to choose which three “they’d like to remain active” unless they sign up for the Pro plan. The spokesperson also suggested that free users thinking of building new applets should consider searching for an existing one rather than creating their own.

Besides allowing subscribers to create as many applets as they want, the new IFTTT Pro plan arrives with a variety of new and advanced features, some of which are being carried over from the enterprise-level IFTTT Connect service.

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