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If you want to see what you really look like, a full-length mirror is essential.

“I don’t know how else you’d see how the shoes match the outfit,” said Ryan Korban, a New York-based interior designer who has created boutiques for a number of fashion brands — including Balenciaga, Aquazzura and Fivestory — as well as homes for fashion-world clients like Alexander Wang. “Oftentimes the shoes are the most important part.”

But a nondescript mirror tacked onto the wall or the back of a door isn’t what he has in mind. “It should be something that complements or enhances the interior design of the space,” he said.

A well-designed mirror with interesting details, he noted, does more than merely reflect its surroundings: It becomes a decorative feature of a room.

Ideally, he said, “it feels almost like a piece of art” — albeit a multifunctional one that allows you to check your footwear.

Self-supporting mirror with rubber edge and wooden storage ladder

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