Taking a Cello or a Surfboard on a Plane? American Airlines Just Cut Its Fees

Effective immediately, American Airlines will no longer charge passengers $150 to check sports equipment like bicycles or surfboards, or musical instruments like a cello. Such items, which were previously considered oversize baggage, will now be covered by the regular $30 fee for checked luggage, as long as the item weighs less than 50 pounds. And come winter, or if you’re heading to the Southern Hemisphere, skiers will be able to include their skis and an equipment bag as a single item if the weight is below that limit.

“American has made it easier for musicians and athletes to travel with their gear, by eliminating certain fees that were previously imposed on oversize equipment,” Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for the airline, said in a statement. The changes were based on customer and employee feedback.

American will continue to charge a $150 fee for certain specialty items, like scuba tanks and antlers, which have different handling requirements.

American’s announcement isn’t going to affect a huge portion of its travelers, and it’s unlikely to be a sign of a bigger shift, at least not yet. Airlines still rely heavily on fees as a way to collect revenue while keeping ticket prices lower.

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