The Best Movies and TV Shows New to Netflix Australia in June

‘The Alcàsser Murders’
Starts streaming: June 14

Netflix’s latest true-crime mini-series comes from Spain, and tackles a complex rape and murder case from 1992, when three teenagers were abducted while hitchhiking. Decades later, only one man has been charged for the crime, with another still on the run. But the clues suggest more perpetrators — and also don’t seem to match up with the police’s preferred suspects. The four-part documentary “The Alcàsser Murders” goes over what happened in explicit, gruesome detail, while also covering the controversies surrounding an investigation that many believed to have been bungled by the police, by the media, and by a hysterical public.

‘Dope’ Season 3
Starts streaming: June 28

There is something highly compelling about the way the producers and crew of docu-series “Dope” bring a “tell it like it is” attitude toward their embeds with drug-dealers and narcotics agents. Footage is cut and narrated to make the material as pulpy and sensationalistic as possible. The intimate conversations with hard-cases and the surveillance-style angles on criminal activity have given “Dope” an irresistibly voyeuristic quality through two seasons, which should continue into the third.

Also of Interest

“Arthdal Chronicles” (June 1), “Happy” Season 2 (June 5), “3%” Season 3 (June 7), “Designated Survivor” Season 3 (June 7), “Cuckoo” Season 5 (June 13), “Jinn” (June 13), “Aggretsuko” Season 2 (June 14), “Awake: The Million Dollar Game” (June 14), “Black Spot” Season 2 (June 14), “Leila” (June 14), “Unité 42” (June 14), “The Missing” Season 3 (June 17), “Ad Vitam” (June 21), “Bolívar” (June 21), “The Casketeers” Season 2 (June 21), “The Confession Tapes” Season 2 (June 21), “Dark” Season 2 (June 21), “Girls Incarcerated” Season 2 (June 21), “Mr. Iglesias” (June 21), “Forest of Piano” Season 2 (June 24), “Answer for Heaven” (June 27), “The Chosen One” (June 28), “Exhibit A” (June 28), “Motown Magic” Season 2 (June 28), “Queen of the South” Season 3 (June 28) and “Glee” Seasons 1-6 (June 30)

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‘The Black Godfather’
Starts streaming: June 7

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