What 8 Green Thumbs Wore to the New York Botanical Garden

Unlike other design shows, the Garden Furniture & Antiques Fair draws a highfalutin crowd who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. The fair, which took place in April at the New York Botanical Garden, showcased exotic plants, rare outdoor furniture and celebrity landscapers. Here’s how eight attendees got into the spring spirit.

Are you loyal to Converse?

Always. Since I was in middle school.

It’s finally warm enough to wear short sleeves.

Finally. It’s like 80 degrees. I’m actually dying. It’s Club Monaco.

Your haircut looks very expensive.

Does it? My stylist friend Thomas Hurley gives me a discount.

And your mustache is well trimmed.

Well, I do that myself.

It’s a kind of work shirt. Because it’s the garden show. I didn’t want to look too much like a buttoned-up gallerist.

Age: 48

Occupation: “Mom”

What brings you to the fair today?

We have a garden, and we’re looking to fill it with antiques.

You’re really celebrating spring: all white.

It seemed crisp and clean and comfortable for a stroll in the garden.

And then a sweater over your shoulders.

A little pink. A little color. The outfit seemed too monochromatic. And it might turn a little chilly.

Age: 59

Occupation: voice-over artist and interior designer

I’d call that a drop-crotch pant.

On a day like today they’re comfortable, lightweight, a perfect length.

And then a heavier plaid on top.

I wasn’t sure exactly what the weather was going to be like, and I’m going out a little later.

It’s cool how your bag goes cross-body.

It’s an African fabric. I got it from a vendor at a street fair in Brooklyn. It’s absolutely special and I love it.

Are your shoes a laceless sneaker?

Yeah. They’re John Varvatos for Converse. Several seasons ago, but still very good.

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