What’s on TV Monday: ‘Zombi Child’ and ‘Inside Man’

ZOMBI CHILD (2019) Stream on the Criterion Channel. To seal her membership in an exclusive clique at the prestigious French boarding school she attends, Mélissa (Wislanda Louimat) is forced to share “something personal” with her new friends. The secret she reveals, which is foreshadowed by the film’s opening scenes set in Haiti in 1962, is not a typical teenage confession. She reveals that the aunt she lives with is a Haitian Voodoo priestess whose father was brought back from the dead as a zombie and enslaved. One of the girls in attendance, Fanny (Louise Labèque), is intrigued by the revelation. She hopes that Mélissa’s living relative will help her address an erotic obsession.

THE BAKER AND THE BEAUTY 9 p.m. on ABC. Daniel (Victor Rasuk) is a family-oriented baker unaccustomed to being in the public eye. Noa (Nathalie Kelley) is a model, entrepreneur and actress whose every move is tabloid fodder. They met by chance and hit it off in the debut episode of this series, which premiered in April, but have struggled to merge their very dissimilar lives ever since. Vengeful exes, familial strife, Noa’s controlling manager and a meddling journalist have all contributed to their ongoing difficulties. In last week’s episode, it looked like many of the major conflicts had been resolved, but Noa decided to end the budding relationship anyway after seeing all the trouble it had caused. The two-hour finale tonight leaves plenty of time for the erstwhile couple to experience more highs and lows.

90 DAY FIANCÉ: SELF-QUARANTINED 9 p.m. on TLC. The couples who participate in this reality show franchise face plenty of challenges. Most obviously, they have only three months to decide whether to get married and then seal the deal if they choose to. Before and after that decision is made, there are usually cultural and personal differences to navigate as well as skeptical friends and family to contend with. This spinoff focuses on past participants who are dealing, on top of everything else, with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. A mix of self-recorded video and remote interviews show how they’re coping with cabin fever, economic stress, health concerns and other related obstacles. The season wraps tonight.

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