What’s on TV Tuesday: Patton Oswalt and ‘Stargirl’

PATTON OSWALT: I LOVE EVERYTHING (2020) Stream on Netflix. Patton Oswalt has seen extreme highs and lows in the last few years. The actor and comedian’s first wife, the true-crime writer Michelle McNamara, died in 2016. After that, Oswalt told The New York Times, “I’ll never be at 100 percent again.” A year later, he remarried and delivered a profound stand-up special, “Annihilation.” In “I Love Everything,” Oswalt takes a lighter approach. He discusses finding love again and shares existential anecdotes about buying a house and entering his 50s. One of his discoveries about aging: Breakfast has become dull. He mourns the vibrant cereal boxes displaying animal mascots that he has had to replace with “hospital white” boxes and sad beige bowls.

DC’S STARGIRL 8 p.m. on CW. The DC Universe’s television imprint continues to expand with this new drama series. A high school sophomore, Courtney (Brec Bassinger), is forced to adapt to a new life after moving from Los Angeles to Nebraska. One day, she discovers that her stepfather (Luke Wilson) was Starman’s sidekick, and that he still has the superhero’s signature weapon, the Cosmic Staff. When the staff comes alive in her arms, Courtney decides to carry on Starman’s legacy as Stargirl, leading a new generation of young superheroes.

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